What is AEPC™?

AEPC™ offers the only “Piston Engine Service Program” (PESP™) available to the General Aviation industry.

Piston Engine Service Program (PESP™) minimizes the risk of costly unscheduled maintenance. Designed by industry professionals with decades of aviation experience maintaining over 4,000 piston engines, PESP™ keeps your engine running and your plane flying.

PESP™ provides peace of mind, knowing that when that unexpected engine problem occurs, its covered. With access to technical aviation specialists 7am - 10pm EST, resolving unscheduled maintenance repair issues is quick and easy. AEPC™ advisors work directly with you to troubleshoot any problem and coordinate with an acceptable FAA-Approved Repair Facility to perform any necessary service.

PESP™ Benefits:

  • Protection from unforeseen and often costly maintenance expenses
  • Fixed-budget for all unscheduled maintenance
  • Minimize potential costly unscheduled repair costs
  • Coverage and risk transfer beyond the warranty period
  • Increased aircraft dispatch availability
  • Increased residual aircraft value
  • Transferable upon sale with the aircraft to the buyer. We are not insurance so when you sell your plane, the PESP™ program transfers with the aircraft to the buyer.


Piston Engine Service Programs PESP™, PESP Plus™ and PESP Care™

AEPC™ has a PESP™ program to fit your individual aircraft needs.

Service Coverage

Piston Engine Service Program (PESP™) covers the following series of engines

O-320 , O-360, IO-360, IO-390, IO-540 & TIO-540
IO-240, TSIO-360, IO-550 & TSIO-550

Getting Started

  • Easy enrollment throughout the engine’s life
  • Agreement Options:
    • Used Aircraft: 3 to 7 years/Renewable
    • New Aircraft: 5 to 7 years/Renewable
  • Call toll-free 1-888-449-7775
  • Complete Application
  • Schedule a Pre-Enrollment Engine Review (PEER™)